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Is Sharon Osbourne On The Phone To Her Liposuction Doctor

Sharon said that once he was a glutton fg, was joined by husband Ozzy and their son Jack for recording in Los Angeles.. Despite spending thousands of pounds in a surgery to maintain a physical slender, Sharon Osbourne seems to be losing the Battle of the Bulge. Photo shoot, leaving a session for The Osbourne Show, even head-to-black tip and an animal print scarf could mask the presenter weight-gain.
20.5.09 12:29

Robbie Williams Returning To Uk

Robbie Williams is apparently planning to return to the UK within weeks. The British pop star, who is currently based Stateside, said a friend is ready to go home and return to his music, according to Closer magazine..
20.5.09 12:28

Mcconaughey Wields A Big Stick

Remains upright and Matthew goes right, all right, all right. Um, can someone explain to me what Matthew McConaughey doing here? My first thought is that this wheel-adorned-stick works like a pseudo-training for skateboard wheels. But then my skate-tastic head has informed me that things are not as t really exist..
20.5.09 12:28

Quot Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Quot

Like Indiana Jones, the franchise itself, the quotation reflects the inevitable impact of doing the same thing long enough to start Falling Apart. Offer # 1 as selected from 100 nominated quotes from the movie of 2008. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull reflects our offer of movie tough economic times. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada (PRWEB) January 15 2009 - The screenwriters behind Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seem to have anticipated the economic collapse through the words of a character named Charles Stanforth (as played by Jim Broadbent).
20.5.09 12:28

Paula Abdul Quot Stalker Paula Goodspeed Od Quot D On Prescription Drugs

It now been reported thatPaula Goodspeed, the American Idol wannabe who was found dead found outside Paula Abdul host home, committed suicide with prescription drugs. Winte r Paula Goodspeed says died in November after a prescription drug overdose. What about abused drugs has not been made public. Winter also said that Yahoo News Goodspeed did not leave a note. The officials were suspected of suicide, but the LA coroner office was awaiting toxicology tests. Assistant Head of the coroner Ed.
20.5.09 12:28

Valkyrie Tops Overseas Box Office

Valkyrie, held the mantle of top Hollywood films, thanks to an estimated $ 18.6 overseas radius of about 3900 screens in 26 markets, which boosted the total management through Fox International for $ 38.9m.
20.5.09 12:28

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